Open Enrollment Has Started, and My Options Are Worse This Year

I’m paying $2,948.28 over the course of the year for the privilege of only having to pay $6,100 towards any medical costs.

When Do1Thing Is, Ugh, Health Insurance Related

Let’s call our health insurance companies, shall we?

Big Changes & Adulting As Hard As We Can: A Friday Chat

“I even went to the Minute Clinic after I got hit by the car.”

“You’re Asking Way Too Much”: The Response To Publicly Doing What You Love

My whole life, part of me has existed in a defensive crouch waiting for people to yell at me about my decisions. Turns out all I needed to do was write a personal essay for the Atlantic.

University of Missouri Grad Students Received 14 Hours Notice on Health Insurance Cancellation

Mizzou just announced that it was changing its health insurance program, giving grad students 14 hours notice to find other coverage.

The Benefits Crystal Ball

I should have consulted a clairvoyant before I went to the New Employee Orientation.

Adoption Fees, Court Costs, Taxes: The Hidden Costs of Same-Sex Parenthood

“The most exciting thing about having DOMA struck down is that our taxes went down by half.”

The Cost of Things: Getting The Flu When Your Insurance Sucks

Thanks to my newfound pioneer attitude, my response to grogginess and an incipient cough was to take two Advil and a bracing three-hour walk through snow-encrusted Prospect Park. Here’s what that cost me.

Act Healthy, Get Cash Back?

Is it worth overcoming one’s objections to fitness trackers in the first place, getting the gizmo, hooking it up, letting your health insurance company monitor how many steps you take, and then receiving your reward in the form of a gift card to an evil empire?

The Costs of Mental Illness, With & Without Insurance

When it comes down to “if I eat out tonight with my friends I can’t afford the pills I need” you spend a lot of nights eating on your meal plan instead.