Go For The Bronze, Maybe! Advice From An Obamacare/HSA Expert

I spoke to the very well-informed Steve Neeleman about getting your health insurance house in order for this coming year, especially if you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant in 2016.

Paid For “Playing The Role Of An Employed Fertile Human Body”

“The $8,000 started to look laughable.”

Deals Make The Fine Print Extra Fine

I wasn’t sure I could afford a gym membership. Then I checked the fine print on my health insurance.

Obamacare Pregnancies: LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES

If you or someone you love is considering getting pregnant — with or without the support of the ACA — please, feel free to learn from my mistakes and take into account the following.

IUDs For Everyone! $50 A Pop

Why should your birth control cost more than an iPhone?

Nearly Halfway: What Pregnancy Has Cost Me So Far

The cost of nearly 17 weeks of gestation.

Gaming Live-Stream Site Twitch Provides Income Opportunities for People With Disabilities

Mackenseize’s epilepsy is an important part of her Twitch story, as it is for many people with disabilities who are using Twitch to earn a living.

Nothing Is More Terrifying Than A For-Profit Hospital

Thanks to our withering scorn, the douche-bro backpedaled. Imagine what hospitals might do if we rose up.

For Good or For Ill, Health Care Spending Is My Vice

Between work, life, relationship, and school stress I had enough maladies real or imagined to keep me going to various healers, medical or otherwise.

Big Changes & Adulting As Hard As We Can: A Friday Chat

“I even went to the Minute Clinic after I got hit by the car.”