Bagging Groceries in Greenwich

Matt Debenham is a writer, a parent, a teacher, and now he works at a grocery store too.

On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

The organic spinach costs 70 cents more, and weighs four ounces less. The regular spinach, eaten every week, could make my husband’s cancer come back. Maybe.

Supermarket Tricks

Reader’s Digest put together a list of supermarket tricks we all fall for (here is a link that will save you from having to click through a 50-slide slideshow), and a lot of it is interesting! I did not know the thing about the cakes, for example, and I’ve definitely bought cakes straight out of the display case many times. I have never ditched anything at the checkout lane though.

Who Needs Grocery Stores? (I Do)

Boy, people sure like creating reports about what millennials like to buy. Today’s millennial report comes from AlixPartners, a consulting firm, which says that the future of traditional grocery stores is in danger because young consumers aren’t the one-stop shoppers our parents were.