NYU Now the Only Private University With Unionized TA’s

Good news for NYU grad students: representatives voted 620 to 10 last night to unionize, and will become the first students at a private university who will bargain collectively for their work conditions (this is much less rare at public schools). The union falls under a branch of the United Auto Workers, one that represents 45,000 academic workers.

A Conversation With a Tax Accountant Who Earns $75,000 a Year

Michelle: I'm 26, a senior corporate tax accountant, and I live in Rockland County in N.Y.

Sarah Kendzior on Graduate School

Savage Minds interviewed Sarah Kendzior (who wrote about the U.N.'s unpaid internship the other week) about her experience in graduate school while earning a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology. It's very good.

Places I’ve Lived: Spiral Staircases, Sublets, and a Nightmare Landlord

My college roommate found our first adult apartment, an unbelievable duplex, in Center City. It was perfect in many ways—dishwasher, washer/dryer in the bathroom, elegant spiral staircase, directly above an independent bookstore.

Last Hundred Bucks: Graduate School Finals Edition

I took out one hundred dollars in cash on Black Wednesday and didn't spend it. Then I decided to go full-on hermit (and straight-edge!) for finals, making it easy to keep track of where the cash went (which, let’s face it, I was stressed so my spending was focused on eating).

How Graduate Students Do Money

Adam Kotsko has a good post about his time in grad school and his financial strategy for making it all work while his income was limited. When I was in grad school my strategy was essentially: Try to get as much financial aid as possible to limit the amount of loans I had to take out, and try not to use the loan money to live like I had an income, because besides a few freelance stuff at the time, my income was essentially zero.

Advice for Grads from Economists

Our pals at Planet Money asked a bunch of economists to give some graduation advice to the batch of college graduates who will be applying for jobs and entering the workforce soon.

Things to Think About Before Pursuing Grad School

This summer, I lived with a revolving cast of roommates, one of whom was going to go to law school in September. One night, my roommate mentioned that he was going to go through law school so he could "meet the right people," and then he said he'd apply to med school because that was his real passion. I may have choked a bit when he said that. I was in college for seven years because I did a master's program in English literature, followed by a Master of Library and Information Studies.

What It Costs [Me] to Apply to Grad School

I am applying to grad school for the Fall 2014 semester, and therefore am losing / have lost my mind. In lieu of a nervous breakdown, here is a financial one

‘Avoiding the Treadmill’ and Letting Stress Win: A Commencement Speech

The best advice and the worst advice I've ever gotten were three words long. The best advice was "avoid the treadmill". It was 2003. I was coming to the end of a master's degree in a subject (political philosophy) and a city (London) I was ready to leave. I was 22 years old.

Financial Archaeology

What Josh Frughlinger spent during the 1996-1997 academic school year.

‘So, You Needed to Pay for More Levels?’

After my post on law school the other day, one of you sent me this video, which is quite funny.