Rambling Man: On Staying Friends When Financial & Other Circumstances Diverge

Gilgamesh and I are on opposite trajectories. She is stressed, unhappy, and unhealthy, whereas I am fulfilled, happy, and considering starting a family. Needless to say, our relationship is not great.

On MBAs, MFAs, and Selling Soft Pretzels in China

We will never stop talking about whether MFAs are worthwhile. That horse has been killed, sold in part for meat and in part for glue, buried, and prayed over, and we’re still beating it.

Counselor, World Traveler, Wrangler of Young Jews: A Hiring History

I was in my bed in that slim space between being awake and asleep when I realized I was in my 30’s and hadn’t been to grad school yet.

How To Do Money Before, During & After Grad School

Minimize teaching. Academia functions by exploiting low wage workers to teach undergraduates. That’s you.

The ABCs of Grad School Should Include “ABD”

From the Other Side of the Tracks to the Tenure Track: Chatting with a Humanities Prof

My family has been the key reason I’ve always been able to push myself forward. They always tell me how proud they are of me, the way I stand up for myself, resist what people try to convince black girls they should believe about themselves