Either You’ve Done This Or You Haven’t (I’ve Done This)

Reached a new low in financial irresponsibility: forgot to wear right shoes to gym, so bought new shoes at store next to gym.

— Luke Stacks (@lukeasaurus) January 13, 2013


Walking back home would have meant certain doom to my gym attempts and 2 days without going in a row. Necessary sacrifice.

— Luke Stacks (@lukeasaurus) January 13, 2013

Dispatch from Winter

In Minneapolis, it’s already winter, and it’s cold. Not cold enough to wish it was a hundred degrees and humid, but enough to be out in the world without a scarf and think, “It is imperative that I purchase a scarf” ($10 – $30). To avoid impulse scarf purchases, my advice is this: Put a scarf in your bag and keep it there forever. Maybe also some gloves. Perhaps a hat also. But definitely a scarf. Do it now.