Weddings In Your 20s: How To Do Registries When You Can Barely Do Phone Bills

When you first start getting invited to weddings in your early 20s, it’s nerve-wracking. People close to your young age settling down with someone for life will inevitably make you start asking long-term questions about your own future, which is at best unwelcome and at worst terrifying.

Things I’ve Bought My Mom for Her Birthday

Gift Ideas for Just About Anyone You Know

It’s just a few days after Thanksgiving, and we’re already deep in the season of the holiday gift guide. Every year, I read just about all of them out of equal parts sick fascination and sheer desperation re: my own lack of ideas. I marvel at all the collections of grilling accessories and floral scarves and feel like an alien because, seriously, who wants that stuff? For him, we have electronic bacon gum. For her, how about bath salts made from real human tears? No?