‘Here Is a Gift Card to Target’

She handed me a gift card to Target.

WWYD: The Lost Gift Card

Would you contact customer service to return a $25 gift card you found to its original owner?

In Defense of the Gift Certificate

For the longest time, I felt bad about offering gift certificates to friends and family when the holiday season rolled around. They had a reputation as the lazy person's gift of choice: They were impersonal, they were anything but unique, and there was something crass—given our long tradition of removing price tags from gifts and pretending that their exact value is unknown to the recipient – about their dollar amount being displayed so flagrantly.

WWYD: The Super Generous, Super Platonic Friend

What do you do when your friend gives you a very expensive gift?

What Happens to a Gift Card if a Store Goes Bankrupt And Closes?

There are 17.7 million people who hold $210.5 million in unredeemed gift cards from Borders, which closed the last of their stores in 2011. A judge recently rule that Borders owes nothing to those people, effectively making those gift cards worthless. Which reminds me of this question: Is giving someone a bad gift better than giving someone a gift card? It's the thought that counts.

Currencies and Possible Currencies in My Wallet

There is some money in my wallet and some things that are worth money, maybe.