“So! Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

Acing a job interview isn’t merely about being able to reply, in a sensible and capable-seeming way, to questions. It’s also about posing sensible and capable-seeming questions yourself.

“Why Don’t You Just Get Another Job?” How A Freelance Writer Makes A Living

I promised I would answer the question “why don’t I just get another job?” this month, so now I have to sit down and hash it out.

First: any discussion of you need to get another job has to start with the idea that you don’t get jobs. Instead, you are given jobs. You can pitch for jobs, or you can apply for jobs, but in the end, the decision about which job you get is rarely yours to make.

Should You Apply for That Job?

Yes apply for that job.

1 Thing Is a Tragic Misstep in Evolution

1 thing 2 do.

The Evolution of Understanding How to Get a Job

How 2 get 1 job.

Thoughts While Taking a Copyediting Test

This is just a formality right?

Ways to Figure Out Who You Are Really and What You Want in Life

How to find the job 4 you.

How to Actually Get a Job

New Job Gotten

I’ve been offered a new job. A great one. At a great company. It just happened. In an email. Poof, email, inbox ticked up by 1, poof, job, for you. “We liked you so much, we…”

I Didn’t Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)