Which Of Your Favorite Websites Have Money And From Where

Virtually all indie sites have the equivalent of Nicole Cliffe’s husband, or else some corporate entity, behind them.

Joseph Stiglitz on Fighting Inequality

“The real battle is to make sure their billions offset the people power.”

What Color Is Your Collar

Perhaps some high-achieving types feel pulled to Wall Street because finance is something they and their parents have heard of, because they know it is associated with a certain amount of prestige, power, and money, and because what really are the alternatives?

Stories Of Being On The Dole

“Being on public assistance for the first time in my life only taught me that i really never want to be on public assistance again.”

In Defense of CT (Again) & Rejecting Traditional Geographic Measures of Success

There are a lot of reasons why we find ourselves living in places. Often, it’s because we have a job or family obligations, or we just can’t afford to leave, or we don’t know where we’d go if we did leave. None of that means that the place we live is good or bad. It simply means we’re there, and for lack of other options, we have to keep living.

Linda Tirado & Why It Costs Money To Save Money

If the name Tirado rings a bell, it’s perhaps because you remember the shitstorm that followed Tirado’s first blog post for Gawker about being poor in America.

“When Leon dies, Bard will perhaps die as well”

Would You Rather Lobby for Russia or Be Sexually Harassed for American Apparel?

Taking a Pay Cut

Yesterday, Mark “Copyranter” Duffy put up a post on Gawker describing how he was fired from his job from Buzzfeed, which appeared to be mostly due to the fact that his job was to create posts being critical about advertisements, and, unsurprisingly, advertisers for the site were not happy about that.

Keep It Short and Sweet When Quitting

Basically, as good as it might make you feel, it’s not time to vent about all the reasons you hate your job and the people you worked with as we learned from this “I Quit” email posted on Gawker last night.