Kickstarters That Raised Money Faster Than Lincoln Chafee

Losing to POOP: The Game? That’s rough.

How to Ask for Money

Everyone resents being used; donors want to be seen as people, not purses, and good petitioners will treat them that way. Good petitioners will likewise make sure they are seen as people and not merely black holes of need.

Inefficient Fundraising Through Knitting

Follow these 5 easy steps and you can be an inefficient fundraiser just like me!

Dinner Parties, Press Releases, And Other Ways I Raised Money for Charity

I was impressed by both her running and fundraising, so when she asked me to join her and Dave, her boyfriend, for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, I said yes. We were required to raise a collective $9,900 just to participate, but we set a goal of $25,000 in celebration of Sally being cancer-free for 25 years.