How Much Can A Credit Score Tell You About A Person?

In an ideal world, a credit score would tell you nothing about a person except, well, their history of handling credit. Increasingly though companies and other entities are trying to use credit scores as proxies for indicators about a person’s general success at life.

The Author Of ‘The Power Of The Past’ On Class And Relationships

Because of the American Dream, we tend to think of people who get ahead as hard working and morally sound. Likewise, the American Dream implies that people who do not make it to the middle-class did not work hard enough.

How Much Would You Spend Each Month On Something You May Never Use

“Can we talk about insurance again?” Ben asked while the toddler napped and I tried to soothe my frazzled nerves with newsprint. From the depths of the Real Estate section, I made the universally understood groaning noise of despair.

“What About Presents?”: How My Relationship Changed When We Merged Finances

One of our first discussions about combining our bank accounts was, “What about presents?”

Prudie on Having a Starving Artist for a Partner: DTMFA

Talking to the Person is almost always better than Talking about the Person, especially when the Person’s behavior is the problem.

Living Together to Save Money

Generally speaking, roommates expect to keep their money separate, since they know the arrangement is temporary. Romance, though, works like peanut butter, slathering everything — especially money — in a sticky layer of complexity that is hard to remove.

WWYD: Porn Star BF Asks Porn Star GF to Quit Work Because Love

We are all worse at managing our own romantic lives — and occasionally our professional choices — than Miley Cyrus is at getting dressed.

“If the guys are hot, too, then sure, they can get a hot girl.”

Ways In Which My Relationship Costs Me Money

My relationship actually costs me money. Here’s how.

Econ 101 From McSweeney’s