An Unreasonably Frugal Person Tries to Figure It Out

I used to be an unreasonably frugal. What were once rational, economically efficient decisions—limiting "impulse purchases" to the change at the bottom of my bag—became, on the aggregate, absurd.

On Immigrants And Being Cheap

"Cheapness" typically conjures images of people who buy cheap goods at Wal-Mart, instead of the more expensive, higher quality goods that last longer. However, "immigrant cheapness" is more nuanced than that, existing over a continuum that goes from practical stories of sacrificing to get ahead, to just plain silly.

Is ‘Frugal’ a Dirty Word?

Reddit has a thread going about what people think it means to be frugal. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. No, it's fine.

Frugal February

February is the best month for not spending money.