When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

Things are not even in most respects, and I get that.

Two Writers With Control Issues Talk About Money

We are writers in our late twenties, we have control issues, and money is our psychological pawn.

Travel the World By Not Paying Rent

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the majority of my twenties traveling across five continents and temporarily living in some of the most exciting cities on earth: London, Los Angeles, and New York City—with long stints in Paraguay and Belize. I’ve been able to afford this, not because of a trust fund, but because I rarely have to pay rent.

How Richard Rushfield Does Money

We all do money differently. How do you do money, Richard Rushfield?

Susie Cagle on Eight Years of Freelancing

Journalist and cartoonist Susie Cagle writes and draws on Medium (excellently, and for free (this time)) about "freelance labor, journalism, and survival." It is a familiar story but chilling nevertheless. As she said on Twitter, "I wrote & drew this about freelancing to let you know I'm looking for work, not to make you feel depressed."

When Your Freelance Employer Owes You $1K (Always)

Getting paid for an outstanding invoice can be one of the most difficult things in the life of a freelancer.

An Artist’s Earnings

Dorothy, the artist behind Cat and Girl, has been tracking how much she's been earning and tallying her dollars on beautiful charts.

Don’t Ever Be a Freelancer

How to not get paid: be a freelancer.

Impulse Purchases and Saving: A Freelancer’s Guide to Budgeting

I learned how to budget in the second grade, and my first budgeting lessons came from my parents and a set of mason jars: 10 percent for savings, 10 percent for God, the rest for fun. Put it in the jar, give it to the church and the rest to Delia*s.

How Not to Do Your Taxes in Canada

A Canadian tells us about her taxes:

How to Go Freelance, and Still Afford to Travel

A year and a bit after I jumped into the freelance pool, I found myself on an airplane headed for San Francisco, where I stayed for 29 amazing days without putting any of it on credit. This is how I did it.