Marriage As A Strategic Life-Planning Decision

Essentially, a spouse is like a roommate who feels obliged to help you through hard times, so if you are looking to make your way in this cold, penny-pinching world without returning to your childhood home, go ahead and get hitched.

Aging Out of the Foster Care System and Figuring Out How to Build a Life

Kyo, not his real name, is a young black man in his mid 20s currently living in transitional housing for the homeless in Northern New Jersey. I have known him since he was 18. I had met Kyo during my former job as a reporter with The Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest newspaper.

When Families Fail

Natasha Vargas-Cooper has a really wonderful article about a state-funded school outside of San Diego called San Pasqual Academy. It’s essentially a boarding school for teenage foster kids, a group home but only in the very best sense. The foster care system in this country aims at family reunification; this home recognizes that when a family fails a child, there’s a small window during adolescence when a community can bring them back up. (“San Pasqual, a non-profit that can serve about 180 kids, exists because families fail.”)