Heidi Is Not Impressed

Averting the Crisis

The Onion solves the fiscal cliff crisis.

Ben Says Fiscal Cliff, Paul Says Austerity Bomb, Heidi Explains All


“The offer makes no mention of how to handle the looming battle over the federal debt limit, nor does it offer suggestions for how the deficit-cutting framework would be put into place.”

Taxing the 2 Percent

This morning, the Times has a very good discussion about the proposed tax rates President Obama will be discussing with Congressional Republicans in the coming weeks, which is part of a larger negotiation of talks about the “fiscal cliff” (if you are bored by that term and still don’t know what that means, here’s a primer).

Why the Fiscal Cliff is Called the Fiscal Cliff

Over at the Financial Times Cardiff Garcia has a great explanation about who coined the “fiscal cliff” (Ben Bernanke), why it has stuck, and why it’s a dumb name (“If policymakers don’t work out a solution by January 1st, the harm is not immediate. Nor is it irreversible, nor is it even all that perilous at first.”)