The Tempestuous Relationships Between Millennials And Their Employers

Your tolerance for the following open letter, which appeared in Forbes, explaining why Millennials keep quitting their jobs, will depend a lot on a) how you feel about open letters, and b) how you feel about Millennials who play to type.

A Gemstone in the Rough

I sometimes wonder if catering attracts a specific kind of person, a kind of cultural voyeur, someone who takes an almost lascivious delight in watching other people make fools of themselves—by which I mean simply trying, at life.

Everything About Being An Assistant Is Awful

Over my years I have noticed that, the more exciting and important a position is, the less willing any company seems to be to hire from within.

Starting A New Job Right

Day 1, I had to convince my principal to act like an adult and show me around.

How Geena Davis Made Retail Work for Her

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A Summer Interning at a Center for Performing Arts

My First Job, Or How Not to Deal With A Boss Who Masturbates at Work

I continued to engage in this magical thinking for another two weeks, but it became increasingly difficult. He’d often emerge from his office tucking his shirt into his pants, his belt unbuckled, a behavior I could not, no matter how hard I tried, rationalize.

Josh Michtom’s First Job: Helping Teach Argentinians English

The joy of a given job often comes down not to the salary but the intangibles: coworkers, setting, commute, and the like. This is doubly so in our teenage years.

‘The president brought you a rose on your birthday’: 1st Jobs, Starring Nicole & Parents