We’re Gonna Save So Much $$ Now That We Can’t Buy Bacon!

That sausage is fatal news from the World Health Organization yesterday? Which should have come subtitled, “Meat Is Murder — Of Yourself”? Totally great from a frugality standpoint.

Do 1 Thing And Reward Yourself With A Free Hot Dog

In honor of Hot Dog Day, the Huffington Post has compiled a nationwide round-up of places that are offering free or discounted wieners.

Will Breakfast Sandwiches Save The Day?

Is a McMuffin a better value than a Big Mac?

A Passionate Defense of Taco Bell

Fast food is cheap because it’s only made of 3/4 food; the other 1/4 is our childhood memory of how the food should taste.

Working in the Fast Food Industry for a Minimum of $20 an Hour

In Denmark, $20 an hour is the lowest rate the fast food industry can pay thanks to an agreement between Denmark’s largest union and the Danish employers group Horesta which includes fast food outlets like Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks.

Fast Food & Fashion: Not As Different As They May Seem

Which is Objectively Worse, Burger King or McDonalds, Sbarro or Pizza Hut?

This Is Getting Exciting I’m Excited Solidarity

Fast food workers in Detroit are striking today, in what organizers predict will be the largest strike since 400 people walked off their jobs in New York last month. (“According to the campaign, a walkout by twenty workers at Detroit’s 10400 Gratiot Avenue McDonald’s prevented the store from operating. Some workers brought in as strikebreakers to replace those striking workers chose to join the strike instead.”)

Fast Food Workers Go On Strike

Workers want to unionize and raise their pay from minimum wage to $15 an hour, but it would be more likely that companies would negotiate that figure down—if they’re willing to negotiate at all.

What Not to Eat at Fast Food Restaurants

Basically, just don’t ever eat at a fast food chain if you can help it.