How A Farmer In The Pacific Northwest Does Money

"When I started farming, there was this sense of urgency about it, as if it was the only thing I could possibly do, regardless of the consequences. I’m a little bit more measured about it now. And I have a much more realistic picture of what it takes to make a living doing it."

Back to the Land

Let's move to a farm.

Child Labor on the Farm

Friday's episode of Al Jazeera's documentary program Fault Lines focused on child labor in the United States; E. Tammy Kim wrote the accompanying feature article on their website (such a good idea).

The Less Romantic Side of Farm Life

A early season blizzard in South Dakota has killed between 10,000 and 20,000 cows. Some farmers are reporting a loss of 30% and even 50% of their herds. Al Jazeera has a really well-reported story about how farmers are coping (for now: on their own, since the government is shut). The line that explains the loss: “Those calves were this year’s paycheck. The cows were bred to produce next summer’s paycheck. Producers are really reeling from that.”

The cows were still in their summer pastures. It isn’t supposed to blizzard in October.