Our Complicated Feelings About Etsy

"Etsy, with 2014 annual revenue of $196 million, would become one of the largest Certified B companies to go public."

From Librarian to Small Business Owner: A Chat with The Written Nerd’s Emma McElfresh

In 2009, Emma McElfresh opened her first Etsy shop while working as a librarian for a private boarding school. McElfresh's second shop, The Written Nerd, was born when she started to repurpose old library catalog cards into jewelry—which sold very quickly.

“If You Don’t Have Tchotchkes, I Don’t Trust You”: Celebrity Real Estate Wisdom

What would Real Estate month be if we didn’t get to drool over, or eye suspiciously, some really fancy living spaces? Refinery 29 has a slideshow interview of Stacy London, the delightfully mouthy former host of TLC’s long-running show “What Not To Wear,” in the home she’s owned for 10 years. She is not an entirely streamlined person. When asked about the toy dinosaurs and other humorous touches here and there, she says, “If you don’t have tchotchkes, I don’t trust you.”

London is also honest about how weird it can be to inhabit a space, even once you have purchased it and it’s, seemingly, yours.

It was my first apartment buy, and I had no idea what I was doing. It’s taken 10 years of moving through this space to understand what I wanted it to feel like. That’s why I have such huge respect for architects and interior designers. The way you understand space is key. I haven’t completely figured it out, but I’m getting there. 

She decorated the apartment in part off of Etsy which <3 <3 <3 

The Hustle of a Doll Maker: A Chat with Cinnamon Willis

Cinnamon, a former coworker of mine, started making dolls over two years ago. She works out of her Bronx one-bedroom at night, after coming home from her full-time graphic design job.

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