When We Took the SAT

Mike: Ester, the SATs are back in the news cycle this week and it something I thought I would not have to think about ever again after high school.

Are We Really Afraid of Becoming Bag Ladies?

Carrie Bradshaw may well secretly fear she will end up a bag lady. Miranda and the others, probably, not so much. So, ladies, I asked, are you a Carrie/Schwarzbaum?

Devices to Consider Acquiring When You Have a Baby

Some gadgets are useful in making baby-rearing easier, more pleasant, less messy. Which are worth your money?

When Should You Give Money to Support Your Friends’ Pursuits?

Subsidizing the hobbies of our friends and family members is one of the things that separate us from the animals. Raccoons do not shell out cash for covers and a two-drink minimum to support other raccoons as they try out wobbly stand-up routines in rooms that haven’t seen natural light since 1978.

The Year I Left My Job

2013 was the year I had to decide how much it meant to me to be a writer. When the year began, I had a steady office job, a stressed-out husband, an apartment, and a baby, which meant that 26 hours out of every day were accounted for. How was I supposed to work on the novel that had been pacing back and forth inside my head, knocking occasionally on the floorboards, for years?

What to Buy When Invited to a Birthday Party for a Baby

I have reached that stage of my life where I've begun to attend the birthday parties of children produced by friends. "What do you buy for a baby?" I asked myself as I looked at the invitation inviting me to a one-year-old's party.

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

NOTE: Adam and Ester saw The Dark Knight Rises together over the weekend, and then Adam saw it AGAIN on Tuesday, in IMAX. Because research.

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘The Avengers’

Just the fact that this movie is not offensively stupid, and that it actually surprises you and makes you laugh at points, is such an accomplishment‬. Because a hundred billion people would have gone to see it anyway.

The Cost of Autumn

Ben and I took Lara to the mountains this weekend, where we rented a lakefront house with a good friend from college and his fiancee.

What We Left in the Vilnius Airport

“You are entitled to one 15 kg bag each,” said the lady. “But this bag is 30 kg. The charge for the extra weight would be $450."

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Ester: Hello! Ready to talk twee? Adam: Ready to talk TWEENS. Ester: They’re so adorable! They got me thinking about chemistry onscreen and which directors do a good job of capturing it. Unfortunately I couldn't think of a single instance where Wes Anderson has done so. But maybe I'm forgetting something?

How Much You Should Pay to See: ‘The Five-Year Engagement’

Adam: And also like, trying to be good to each other. A lot of the conflict in this movie arises from how hard it is for the two of them to do right by each other.