Falling Into Debt After a $200,000 Book Advance

At Medium, an excerpt from Emily Gould from the collection MFA VS NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction. Gould writes about the book that got her a $200,000 book advance and how she got mired in debt soon after.

Having No Money Was Ok, But Then Something Began to Shift

Genevieve Smith didn't care about money, but then she did. Her essay for Elle on the the evolution of her opinions on the stuff, and why she eventually sought out more of it, is super—especially her honesty.

Buckwheat Kasha Is Cheap and You Should Eat It

How to eat a foodstuff called buckwheat kasha.

Lisa Hanawalt Draws Emily Gould’s $1K Worth of Clothes

The amazingly talented Lisa Hanawalt drew this masterpiece based on Emily Gould's piece yesterday. It is amazing. AMAZING!

Advice to Your 24-Year-Old Self

Autostraddle has a great interview with Emily Gould, which is mostly about Emily Books and you should read it. But this is the part that is relevant to us:

Carpet Is a Class Issue

The essay "Carpet is Mungers," from "My Misspent Youth" by Meghan Daum.

Emily Gould Answers Our Important But Inane Questions About Buying Ebooks

Emily Gould of Emily Books answers our important but inane questions about ebooks.

More Than $1K Worth of Clothes I’ll Never Wear Again

My year of working on my book pretty much exclusively was priceless. Well, it wasn't priceless — I know exactly how much it cost.

2 New Totally Affordable Apps

1. The Marketplace Reader, an “an interactive e-book … combining some of Marketplace’s best radio reporting with all the advantages of a long-form, multimedia digital magazine.” It’s pretty! It’s fun! It’s educational! It’s Marketplace. FREE.

2. The Emily Books Reader. Free download comes with an excerpt from the current Emily Books pick (Samantha Irby’s)! Additional (and back) editions are just $9.99 for a book and supplementary essays (price slash from the original Emily Books price of $13.99)! For more on Emily Books, Emily Gould spoke to us last year. I basically downloaded ios7 for this and only this app. FREE, then $9.99. But for a BOOK. A WHOLE BOOK. IN A PRETTY FORMAT. ON YOUR PHONE.

‘Good Things Disappear And Bad Things Take Their Place’

Emily Gould has written a really wonderful thing about New York and class and debt and food and hot sauce and winter—it’s great and you should read it. (“It’s cold here and a lot of people are awful. Good things disappear and bad things take their place. Rich people have too much power and they abuse it. The worst men you can imagine are fucking beautiful, talented women. Young people’s idealism and energy is siphoned off vampirically by exploitative bosses. Basic things are too expensive here, and expensive things are often offensively mediocre. Like the dinner we were eating. Or maybe I just wasn’t that hungry.”)

Who Do You Kickstart?

Emily Gould chews over Bret Easton Ellis's Kickstarter campaign and argues that it's much more exciting to support an unknown than a someone with a big name.