My Father’s Shadow Money

“Your father,” she said, “never spent a penny of his money on you. You were in ratty clothes, all but rags, but he drove a nice new car.”

Job of the Day: Pharmacist

Weed Sells Like Hotcakes! Who Knew?

“Unable to Handle My Candy”: The Maureen Dowd Story

Silk Road Is Over

My Last Hundred Bucks: Welcome, Freshmen

Where’d your last hundo go?

Drug Companies Save Lives (But Only If There’s Money For Them)

“An inexpensive drug that can prevent some life-threatening heart rhythm problems is unavailable in most places, according to a new survey of doctors in 131 countries.”

Meanwhile in Greece

Bath Salts Sound So Silly, But Are So Terrible

Don’t buy drugs.

Mandatory drug testing costs state money, surprise.