Class on TV: Getting More Ham-fisted?

For the Baffler, Heather Havrilevsky looks at how class is handled, or mishandled, on TV today. She covers GIRLS, Downton Abbey, Revenge, and Gossip Girl, to name a few, and the verdict isn't great.

Career Paths in the Downton World

Which Downton Abbey job is right for you?

Our Adult Wardrobe

Logan, do you have a similar memory? Acquiring some grown-up clothes that made you feel like an adult when you put them on?

TV + Dinner + A Party

Deviled eggs and sticky toffee pudding? Yes.

Managing the Houses of the Super-rich

Davidson's goal was to be hired by a rich person to manage their home and get paid six figures, which is typically what estate managers earn.

The Annotated Bank Statement: “It’s Raining, Again, And It’s Monday”

If you hate your life, you should buy stuff at Target. Because you will feel better, at least while you walk from the store to your car.