How Mrs. Frugalwoods Does Pregnancy, Pet Care, & Other Could-Be-Costly Things

How to keep saving over 70% of your income, even while pregnant.

The Humans Behind “Dogs Of Instagram”

Four years ago, Ahmed got an idea to start an Instagram page dedicated to just posting pictures of dogs. He called it ‘Dogs of Instagram’ and his first post was of his dog Lucy, a pug and Boston terrier mix. Within 10 days, he had 1,000 followers.

The Doggie Daycare Day Job

While earning what I’ve calculated to be $1.67 an hour for my creativity, I also worked at dog daycare, where my roommate, a fellow employee, had secured me an interview. There, I made $10 an hour to mop up pee.

On Buying Food at the 99 Cents Store

I recently started shopping for food at the 99 Cents Store in my neighborhood. It’s not as depressing as it sounds. I mean sure, the place certainly looks depressing from the outside. It’s got this garish blue and yellow paint, there are always people loitering around outside muttering to themselves, and there’s a security guard posted up at the entrance to make sure people don’t steal any more shopping carts.

Places I’ve Lived: Monster House, Single-Women-Only Complex, & More

There was an infestation of squirrels in the home. Teeth marks still scarred the built-ins.

What It’s Like To Work For The U.S. Postal Service

Jess Stoner’s essay in The Morning News about working as a contract worker — “city carrier assistant” — for the U.S. Postal Service (“YOU EXIST TO REDUCE OVERTIME” as her boss screamed at her) is revelatory and maddening and great. Stoner was hired at $15.13 an hour, earning $1000 every two weeks. As she outlines, though, it’s much more complicated than that.

Soon Small Dogs Will Supplant The Human Race

As you may have heard and applauded, American women between the ages of 15 and 29 are not having nearly as many babies as they did even just seven years ago (10% drop between 2007 and 2012). MEANWHILE another adorable trend is on the rise, and Roberto Ferdman at Quartz, along with a few market researchers, think the two trends might be linked:

From the Comments: Slow Cooker Innovation

Man’s Best Friend’s Food Truck

There are certain things we’ll buy even when times are tough. Candy (small luxuries). Booze and cigarettes (vices to get us through the hard times). And we’ll buy dogs all the ice cream they want because people are obsessed with their pets and the pets products industry is pretty much recession proof.

My Dog Is My Greatest Luxury, In Life And In Death

Kenny Rogers the German Shepherd has a fibrosarcoma, a lump a bit smaller than a golf ball, on his snout. My dog has cancer. My big, handsome baby is dying. He has three to six months to live.