A New Life, Beginning With A New Bookcase, Built From Scratch

I wanted to show off a downtown studio apartment worthy of its own Instagram, one that would reflect positively on my newfound existence as a young professional who is put-together and not a screw-up.

Remember When Halloween Was Free(ish)?

It seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t do with red lipstick and a glue gun, but a trip to the Halloween costume store reveals those days are long gone.

Do-It-Yourself Or Have Someone Do-It-For-You?

Mostly, when it comes to DIY projects, I either like to pay for what I need, ready to be used, or I just do without.

Small, Almost Microscopically Small, DIY Victories

Some DIY projects are immense and impressive. Others merely help get you through the day without calling a locksmith.

A Low Cost DIY Approach to Depression! Caveat: It Doesn’t Work

For 10-plus years, I’ve taken a do-it-yourself approach to dealing with anxiety and depression.

The Cost of DIYing Your Floors

With a little research and some home improvement store wandering, we settled on staining the concrete. If we hated it, at least it wouldn’t be expensive and could delay the big flooring purchase for a while.

What To Do When The Floor Caves In

Rebecca and Nate replace some floorboards.

A DIY Linen Closet For the Non-DIY Person

We haven’t contractually promised ourselves to each other in sickness and in health, sure, but we have financially committed to spend every weekend together working on home improvement projects until our backs give out. First on our DIY agenda: A linen closet.

DIY Hostess Snacks

“There has to be a way to recreate all those products if you really wanted them.”