The Cost of DIYing Your Floors

With a little research and some home improvement store wandering, we settled on staining the concrete. If we hated it, at least it wouldn’t be expensive and could delay the big flooring purchase for a while.

What To Do When The Floor Caves In

Rebecca and Nate replace some floorboards.

A DIY Linen Closet For the Non-DIY Person

We haven’t contractually promised ourselves to each other in sickness and in health, sure, but we have financially committed to spend every weekend together working on home improvement projects until our backs give out. First on our DIY agenda: A linen closet.

DIY Hostess Snacks

“There has to be a way to recreate all those products if you really wanted them.”

How to Make Kombucha That Isn’t as Good as The Kind You Buy, But Still Works, Almost

I’m not a scientist, but I support a theory shared by many people who are also not scientists: Kombucha is super good for you, and you should drink it every day.

Breakfast for Beginners

Lunch and dinner may be left to the whims of fate, but breakfast belongs in the home.

How Upcycling Helped Curb My Spending

There are a handful of rituals I’ve practiced over the last few years that have really helped to curb my spending, but the one I’d like to share is what I call “Upcycle Sundays”.

Hobbies Are Expensive (Fine by Me, Like I Care)

Hobbies I can’t afford and don’t care to, and hobbies I can’t afford but would enjoy, probably.