Snacks On a Budget: Everything You Need to Know About Popcorn

Popcorn’s role in the American snack food pantheon is both straightforward and mysterious. Its appeal in the salty snack department is easy to understand—made at home, popcorn is extremely cheap, healthful and delicious. Yet all over America, we insist on consuming it in ways that are less cheap, less healthful and (this is the true tragedy) less delicious.

Cheap Eats: Chicken Pot Pie

My favorite thing about making chicken pot pie is eating it, but also that you can fill it with whatever you want.

Cheap Eats: Zucchini Pasta for One

This is the best for cooking for one; few ingredients, easy, cheap (so cheap!), somewhat healthy, not that much washing up. I’ll give quantities to feed one, but can just increase for however many you want.

Cheap Eats: Mussels

Here at The Billfold, we love cheap and easy recipes. Here’s a cheap and easy recipe for mussels by reader Ryan Menefee.

Cheap Eats: Plantains with Black Beans and Collard Greens

Here’s a cheap and easy recipe for plantains by reader Desiree Fields. I bet you can get all these ingredients at your local not-Whole Foods market for $7 (not including oil, spices, or vinegar).

Cheap Eats: Zucchini with Balsamic Vinegar and Parmesan Cheese

Here’s a cheap and easy recipe for zucchini from reader Brigitta Patterson.