How a Teen Who Works on His Dad’s Farm Does Money

My cousin, Nic Harnois, is a 17-year-old who works for his dad on their poultry farm in Michigan. Nic and I share similar backgrounds: Our parents both moved to a rural area to escape the crime, cramped living situations, and depleted job market of Detroit.

Americans Help Man Get Car, Are Still Generally Selfish And Myopic

We love this guy. We love him to the tune of $277,000+, apparently, because he is an old school, uphill-both-ways, Greatest Generation, pulling-himself-up-by-his-bootstraps kind of man.

A Whole Foods Grows In Detroit

Not everyone has the luxury about worrying about the comfort of chickens.

Places I’ve Lived: Detroit Edition

We lived in a brownstone off of Eight Mile in a decidedly not dangerous and predominantly gay area. To the west of us, houses began to fall in on themselves and the night became progressively darker. The streetlights were out.

The Cost of Ghost Towns in Connecticut and Detroit

Also, a casino baron named Herb bought a package of 6,000 Detroit foreclosures for 3.2 million dollars, which is the cost of FOUR abandoned CT towns. Maybe it’s just because his name is Herb, but he sounds kind of nice:

Water As Privilege

A Brooklyn Poet Has Moved To Detroit, Will Die Eventually

Well, well, well. Remember the Detroit Write A House fellowship we talked about, wherein a Detroit organization gives you the deed to a house if you agree to um, live in Detroit and blog about it for two years? Well, according to The Michigan Daily, they’ve declared a winner. That winner is a poet from Brooklyn.

“Poverty is a circumstance, not a value judgment.”

What Should a City Do When the Rent Becomes Too High to Afford?

Donkeys in Detroit? DNC Considers Motor City for 2016