High-End Approach To Homelessness Freaks People Out About What The Poor “Deserve”

The idea of doing more for people with needs rather than less — even with private, not government, funds! — is, it turns out, anathema.

An Expat Holiday

In December, it’s easy, as an expat, to forget that Kazakhstan is a predominantly Muslim country. Christmas decorations festoon the capital city, the unofficial holiday’s opulence a perfect complement to the white marble, glass, and gold towers. Year-round, Astana is enamored with flashing night-time lights and the seasonal plastic fir trees are ready for a rave. All is bright in the steppe.

“If you’re enjoying yourself, you’re not working hard enough” (Or You’re In Denmark)

Can you imagine if America’s biggest problem was stairs?

Working in the Fast Food Industry for a Minimum of $20 an Hour

In Denmark, $20 an hour is the lowest rate the fast food industry can pay thanks to an agreement between Denmark’s largest union and the Danish employers group Horesta which includes fast food outlets like Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks.

My Landlord Ratted Me Out to the Cops

I have been renting a room from Inge for four months now. She is in her mid-60s, tall and blond and slender, the glowing grandmother in a Nivea commercial.

Rabies Made Me The Socialist I Am Today

I tried out universal healthcare and it worked great!!1

How My Danish Friend Paid Off His Debt By Becoming A Gay Prostitute

On the night when he first began his transition from IT administrator to freelance prostitute, Henrik opened the Excel file called “personal economy.” He had taken out a loan of 50,000 kroner ($8,500) to pay for the kitchen remodel, and had overdrafted his credit cards in New York. He was paying them off, but not fast enough. He was still 40,000 kroner ($7,000) in debt.