The Life-Altering Decisions We Let 17-Year-Olds Make About Loans

“Sallie Mae can take care of it,” my high school guidance counselor told me. “Or the bank. You’ll get the loans you need and they you’ll pay them back. It’s not a big deal. Everyone does it.”

My Quest for an Introductory Understanding of Modern Economic Theory

On March 26th of this year I ran a search on Amazon for capitalism and my first result was Capital in the Twenty-First Century, which had come out just two weeks before. It sounded exciting (and infuriating and impenetrable) but since I couldn’t find a copy in Austin’s public library system, I wrote it off for the time and started clicking through the recommended also-boughts. I compiled a list of similar Serious titles that were available and left for my day job. Two hours later, on a break, I opened Twitter, and the top item was a headline from The New Yorker: “Piketty’s Inequality Story in Six Charts.” Was I baader-meinhoffing, or was something serious at work?