How to Date a Tech Millionaire

Show of hands: how many of us, when we peruse the online dating sites, find ourselves wary of messaging people who earn considerably more than we do?

The Cost of Dating And Prom: A Friday Chat

The unspoken online dating rule—I mean, it’s pretty clearly spoken on “how to do OKCupid” sites—is that the first few dates should be low-cost.

The Cost of My Relationships

It is Relationships Month here at The Billfold, and—with just one week left—I decided I would share a bit about the costs of my own relationships.

You, Me and Both of Us: Rules That Apply to Our Relationships and Our Work

If my job were a person, she would be a kind and gentle woman (my workplace is 90 percent female). She’d be quiet—someone that generally leaves me alone.

Tinder’s New Paywall Is Going to Destroy Tinder. Here’s Why.

When the basic premise of the game shifts from “everybody is a possibility, choose as many people as you want” to “you have scarce resources, be careful how you apply them,” you are going to worry that you aren’t apportioning your resources correctly. You are going to think “I really want to interact with you, but I can’t.” It will feel less hopeful, less exciting, less enjoyable.

Cara Ellison on Beyonce and the Economics of Dating

Is this the Rock Paper Shotgun of things I want to do with my time?

The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

The City of Seattle sets its current population at 640,500. The Pew Research Center claims there are 175,626 single men in the Seattle/Tacoma area. OKCupid says I might like 84 of them.

My Last $100: Dating Edition

Or, What Prompted Me to Change My Tinder Bio to Simply: Buy me a drink.

Here Is Your Open Thread

Tracy Moore at Jezebel on not dating up or down, but dating equal.

How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

I shouldn’t have continued dating Jason once I found out he sold weed. I probably should have just called it quits when he angrily threw a small McDonald’s French fry at me because I didn’t read his mind and buy a burger. And, I definitely shouldn’t have loaned him $1,000 over the course of the few months we dated.