A Chat With a Woman Fielding Four Job Offers (Our Hero)

What’s it like to get a bunch of job offers?

Chart: The Hollowing Out of Middle Class Jobs

Charts! We love them. We’ve talked a lot about how low wage jobs have overwhelmingly replaced the mid-wage jobs lost during the financial crisis. Data from the National Employment Law Project shows this, and new data from Goldman Sachs and the Department of Labor also supports this. More importantly the Goldman Sachs reports shows that the “hollowing out in the middle is real, it is not unique to the post-crisis period,” which means that we can’t just blame this on the financial crisis—there has been rapid growth in the low-wage sector since the booming ’90s.

How Amazon Chooses to Fund a Streaming TV Series

The Way Shows Are Made Now.

Cheap Beer Proven to Be Popular Among Young and Hip

It’s sort of a joke that the hipster beer of choice is PBR (mostly because it’s cheap, probably), but now there is actual data and heat maps that proves this to be true.

The Dummies Are Watching You

How do you feel about stores using mannequins with cameras embedded in their eyes to profile customers?

Baseball Ticket Pricing More Interesting Than Baseball, For Some

What We Pay for Data

We are apparently really dumb when it comes to figuring out how much data we can use on our mobile devices before our phone companies start charging a bunch of money for going over our limit.