Every Job I’ve Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World’s Largest Design Firm

Washington City Paper, January 2011-November 2012:
I interned for Washington City Paper for all of 2010. It was unpaid, but I wrote a lot of blog posts that I still occasionally reference, and most of the things that I covered—public meetings in Southeast D.C.—I was planning to attend anyway as research for my senior thesis (about gentrification and displacement in a neighborhood called Anacostia).

Does D.C. Need Wal-Mart More than Wal-Mart Needs D.C.?

Wal-Mart threatened to pull out of three planned stores in D.C. if the city council moved forward with its “living wage bill,” and today, Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak argues that D.C. needs Wal-Mart more than Wal-Mart needs D.C., and that Wal-Mart will probably win this battle. Some residents Dvorak spoke to said they rely on Wal-Mart’s cheap prices to make ends meet, which is exactly what Wal-Mart wants to hear. In any case, Mayor Vincent Gray still hasn’t vetoed the living wage bill, and if he doesn’t, we’ll see whether or not Wal-Mart will actually pull their plans.

Places I’ve Lived: Spiral Staircases, Sublets, and a Nightmare Landlord

My college roommate found our first adult apartment, an unbelievable duplex, in Center City. It was perfect in many ways—dishwasher, washer/dryer in the bathroom, elegant spiral staircase, directly above an independent bookstore.