Scott Walker’s High Interest Debt

A credit card with an interest rate of 27.24 percent!

This Woman Has $4,000 in Bridesmaid Debt

The first two weddings cost Boostani less than $1,000 combined. The second two? One cost her $2,000 and the other cost $2,300—and those were the two weddings that went on the credit card.

Talking to a Zero Interest Balance Transfer Wizard

“When I do a balance transfer, I try to remember to log in my calendar when the rate expires. At that time, I’ll transfer that balance to another card. Then, after a billing cycle, I’ll transfer it back to the 0 percent card.”

Talking Dirty to Your Creditors

A former millionaire with a cocaine habit, now broke, gets tired of daily calls from Chase asking him for the $60,000 he owes them, which persist even as he tells the bank rep over and over that he doesn’t have the money. When logic doesn’t work, he tries something … different.

Why A Potential Employer Needs To Know Your Credit Score

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence to support the idea that people with lower credit scores are actually less honest on the job.

My Spreadsheet Summer

I’ve never really put myself on a budget before, which I find kind of shameful. Fed up with constantly being a couple hundred dollars behind on my Visa, I’ve decided to do something about it. I set up a spreadsheet, planning my budget over the next few months and will be obsessively tracking my progress. I’ve got a pretty simple set-up: one column for the date, one for the balance of each of my bank accounts, one for my Visa, and one for notes. It looks like this…

Millennials Apparently Good With Money

It Was Time to Say Peace to My Debt – And My Youth

Having it together is freaky.

2 Emmys (But Also $57K In Debt) But Also 2 Emmys

Where Did Our Wealth Go?

Even though data from the Federal Reserve shows that Americans are carrying less credit card debt, it also shows that we’re worth 40 percent less than we used to, and that more families are taking out loans to pay for college, “leaving the median level of family debt unchanged.”