Welcome To Our Guest Room! There Are Rules

It’s the unspoken rules that are tricky. I don’t charge for our space and I won’t take money if you offer, but I do have expectations.

How Not To Do Couchsurfing

‘I’m downsizing my life and giving up all my possessions to focus on experiences and friendships.’

How Real People Afford to Travel the World For Extended Periods of Time

Here’s my story: In 2013, my partner and I took six months off to travel around the world, starting in Asia, moving on to Europe and finishing up in North America.

Places I’ve Lived: Power Crystals, Mice, and the Unknown World

After my sophomore year of college, I drove up to Portland to spend the summer in the house where my boyfriend was already living with three roommates. It was the first time I lived anywhere but my parents’ house or the dorms, and I was ecstatic.