Luring the Kids Back to Their Hometowns

Cincinnati Magazine has a story about the city of Wilmington, Ohio, which saw its unemployment rate skyrocket to 19 percent after the city’s biggest employer, DHL, left the city during the Great Recession. Wilmington went into crisis mode to get the city back into shape and persuaded DHL to donate the land and buildings back to the city. The city also convinced a lot of its young people to return to Wilmington after they finished college.

Working As a Chef on a Private Jet

Michael Worth is a 25-year-old chef who was offered a job cooking meals for a prominent hedge fund manager on a private Gulfstream G550. He talked to Cincinnati magazine about what his job is like, and how the job is allowing him to pay off his student loans much faster than he thought it would be paid off.

Flynt vs. Flynt

Jimmy Flynt had a terrible falling out with his infamous brother Larry a few years ago (over business and money, which unfortunately happens sometimes when family members work together), but has reinvented himself as a seller of “sexy gifts.”