Three Women Writers on Supporting Each Other

Cheryl Strayed, Suzy Vitello, and Lidia Yuknavitch are all successful writers who are over 40 and live in Portland. Their writing careers are wildly different -- Strayed wrote the bestselling Wild, Vitello is a newly-published YA author, and Yuknavitch writes weirder, indie stuff like the beloved Chronology of Water -- but they are all longtime friends who met in a writing group (with Chuck Palahniuk!) almost a decade ago. Rebecca Rubenstein interviewed all three of them for Buzzfeed about how they support each other both as friends and professionally.

Being Broke (LOL) and Doing It Anyway

Being broke can be funny, especially when you keep on keeping on.

Earning The Right to Be Jealous

Elissa Bassist, a young writer who once wrote to Dear Sugar asking, "How does a woman get up and become the writer she wishes she’d be?" and got the very amazing response of, "write like a motherfucker," has an interview with Sugar's Cheryl Strayed in Creative Nonfiction.

Their Success and Your Success Not Mutually Exclusive

How to not be jealous of Cheryl Strayed, by Cheryl Strayed.