The Week We Began Weighing the Beans

Mike: Meaghan, I think I've become one of those coffee people.

Making More Money and Fixing Our Lives

Sometimes the way to fix a lot of your problems is to figure out a way to earn more money.

Falling Into Debt After a $200,000 Book Advance

At Medium, an excerpt from Emily Gould from the collection MFA VS NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction. Gould writes about the book that got her a $200,000 book advance and how she got mired in debt soon after.

More on Those Slabs of Plastic Redeemable for Goods and Services

A conversation about gift cards.

Yakkin’ About Baby Showers

Mike: You will probably getting a package from Target from me today.

We Are Not Spa People

Meaghan: I am getting a PRENATAL MASSAGE today, OMG.

Winter Sports, Ski Tags, and Baby Leather Jackets

Are you watching the Olympics?

Perhaps This Purchase Will Make Me Into a Better Person

Mike: So one our most popular posts this week was this post by B. Benson talking about how he spent money on all these things in an effort to save money on things in the future. I think that post was so relatable because it's something we all do, right? Spend money on things hoping it'll make us better people somehow?

Dating Using Discounts

Meaghan: Mike! I just read an excellent article on the Date Report that cites you as a couponing expert. Or um, quotes you about your couponing-while-dating philosophy.

A Respite From Winter

Mike: Meaghan you went on vacation for a little bit—when was this planned and how did you decide where to go?

Our Adult Wardrobe

Logan, do you have a similar memory? Acquiring some grown-up clothes that made you feel like an adult when you put them on?

Is Talking About Money So Terribly Hard?

Is money just too hard to talk about, that is the question.