Why You Should Change Careers, Like, Tomorrow! Or Maybe Not

Job satisfaction is close to, but not quite, priceless.

Rambling Man: Help! I’m Consumed By Worry That I’m A Failure

“I am worried that taking this new job somehow means I failed because it’s not what I set out to do.”

How I Changed My Life and Became a Cheesemaker in Three Difficult Years

I can’t quite put my finger on when I decided I wanted to learn how to make cheese. The idea of cheesemaking intrigued me, and as I was searching for farm work, I would get excited at any mention of cows, goats, milk, or cheese. It might have stemmed from my initial experience of farming as one task, done for eight straight hours. Cheesemaking/dairy farming seemed like varied, interesting work.

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Changing Jobs

I just got an email from LinkedIn today saying that 16% of my friends had changed jobs in the first half of the year. Does that seem high?

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Why you need to know this: If you ever leave your job, you need to figure out what to do with your 401(k).