Inside ‘The Scratching Pad,’ a Cat Shelter Run Out of One Man’s Apartment

If you’re a New Yorker with a beating heart, you probably remember the subway kittens that shut down the MTA last summer in the most adorable way possible. If you’re a cat lady like me (which oh praise is now a badge of honor, thanks New York Times), then you might already know Steven Liu, the guy behind the Scratching Pad, who took in the tiny bandits and fostered them through their eventual adoption. In July of last year, Steve found a duplex apartment in Bushwick, moved in with two roommates, and started taking in cats—current total eight.

My New Kitten Ate My Bank Account

My kitten ate my bank account.

Why My Cat Has a Savings Account

My cat didn’t always have a savings account. But now he does, and it’s not because I’m a crazy cat person, or because I’m saving to send him off to a competitive cat college. I’m convinced it’ll save his life.

Famous Cats and the Fat Cats Who Love Them

Gideon Lewis-Kraus’s examination of the “online cat industrial complex” is a must read.  SPOILER ALERT: “ I will never get to pet Maru, and neither will you.” :(

How Much Star Cats Have Made Their Owners

Keyboard Cat: $300,000
Grumpy Cat: "a low-six-figure sum" (plus movie option fees)
Mr Biscuit: $0 (as of yet)

Places I’ve Lived: Me and My Squirrel Tail, Together Forever

Where have you lived, William Foster?