How to Run a Celebrity Kickstarter Campaign

The success of celebrities like Braff and Lee on Kickstarter are proving that the rest of us plebes have to kick up our game. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Employee of the Month: J. Robin Baitz

In this column, Lazarus discusses the career of playwright Jon Robin Baitz (who also created and produced the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters), and shares excerpts from their conversation at a live taping of Employee of the Month at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Pilot Season Job Offers of Shame

When you read this offer, please picture Ms. Leesa Kugel as she is—a television producer who always chews gum, probably even in her sleep, and engages in verbal up-speak. All names have been changed to protect the guilty and, yes, this was an actual job offer.

How to Deal With An Unemployed Person

Beat Nepotism

Stop Apologizing

Every business “expert,” career advisor, and their mothers will warn job seekers to avoid vocal fry, up speak, mumbling, meandering, cursing, spitting, or slip-ups, Freudian or otherwise. I’m guilty of committing all of the above, but my worst verbal tick, I’m sorry to say, is over-apologizing.