The Cost Of Things: A Visit To The Cat Cafe

All I ever want to do is chill in a room full of cats, so if you are similarly minded, the Meow Parlour is an excellent idea. But, and I can’t emphasize this enough, no matter how much money you pay, they’re still cats and therefore fuzzy jerks.

Every City Gets The Cat Cafe It Deserves

I do not personally appreciate cats or cat-based agendas, but I do support a person’s right to perch on a cafe chair sipping a pun-based coffee drink, surrounded by adoptable pets. And yes, the four-day Purina ONE Cat Cafe™ will be populated by pre-screened orphan cats from the North Shore Animal League. The 16 cats have been “evaluated behaviorally, medically and socially” and are ready to go home with whomever is so moved.

Maybe We’ll Soon Have Our Very First Cat Cafe

Back in the fall of 2012, Maggie Hamilton wrote a piece for us about how she felt like she was stuck in a career rut, and that perhaps her dream career would be running some kind of bakery where there were a bunch of cats around to hang out with. Cat cafes are huge in Japan and in some European cities, but food service regulations in the U.S. have made it impossible to have animals around where people consume food. Our American dreams of the cat cafe are constantly being dashed.

Business Proposal: Quiet Spaces to Make Private Phone Calls

Where do I make that phone call? My car used to be the go-to spot for personal phone calls, but living in New York City doesn’t afford me that luxury. So what’s a job-seeker to do?