My Mother Stole My Car And Got Rid of It

"You’ll notice your car is not in the driveway," my mother said, as soon as my dad left.

Love My Ride, But Wife Says It Has to Go

Yesterday on, one hundred and sixty-five of the "by owner" car ads contained the word "wife."

I Can Walk Everywhere, But Still Love My Car

Brittany Shoot loves her car.

On Sunk Costs and Not Throwing it Away

This year, I learned that sometimes it's best not to throw in the towel.

What We Want to Buy

Not all of us are broke and feeling insecure. A lot of my friends are getting married this year, and others have babies on the way. They have just bought homes, or are saving now to buy homes. And some who are single like me and who aren't planning on getting married or having children any time soon are saving money and shedding as much debt as possible. That money isn't just going to sit in the bank forever—we intend to spend it. So what do we want to buy?

You Mean Some People Don’t Drive, What?

Bye, car.

Adventures in Negotiation: A Hubcap, A Tire, And A Car

"I shrugged, handed the man a twenty and took my change. But I knew I could have done better. I knew I’d failed in the negotiation."