Would You Buy A Rental Car?

Even if you think you’d never buy a former rental, you may have done so without knowing it.

The Cost of Getting Your Car Booted by the City of Chicago

I decided to ignore several parking tickets in a row. I thought for sure I could simply park with extreme caution until my July move date and never, ever bring my car back to the state of Illinois, but Chicago knew better.

Feeling Generous On Easter Sunday

For a few hours, I didn’t think about the fact that today was the third anniversary of the day I returned to Sacramento after my three months of homelessness in Los Angeles.

Four-Wheeled Fantasies

I haven’t owned a car since 2001. On September 5, a week before 9/11, my midnight blue Mazda Miata convertible was repossessed.

The Cost of Getting Your Driver’s License in Canada

In September, I became the proud owner of an Ontario ‘Class G’ full driver’s license. If you are not from Ontario, here are the three tests you must pass in order to get a full driver’s license:

Everybody Loves Uber!*

How to Repair a Car That Isn’t Yours

Fast forward ten years and I’m stuck in Woodstock, New York, with a baby in my lap and something called a “Hooter Hider” hanging around my neck. It’s 90 degrees out. I’m texting my friend furiously but she isn’t answering. We have borrowed her car for the weekend, or actually we told her we would ‘babysit’ her car for the week, which is a thing you have to do in the city: babysit cars. That is, agree to move friends’ cars around to different sides of the street on cleaning days so they don’t get tickets.

Buying A First Car: The American Dream

If We Gave Oprah a Car

Mike: Omg, I want to give a car to Oprah.

Does Having Money Make You Trustworthy?