Income Vs. Expenses: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

So now that you have an idea of my monthly income, let’s look at expenses.

Impulse Purchases and Saving: A Freelancer’s Guide to Budgeting

I learned how to budget in the second grade, and my first budgeting lessons came from my parents and a set of mason jars: 10 percent for savings, 10 percent for God, the rest for fun. Put it in the jar, give it to the church and the rest to Delia*s.

Six Lessons I Learned After Becoming a Full-time Freelancer

I've been putting off writing this article. I've been putting off writing anything, really: I quit my salaried job and went full-time freelance with the idea that I'd work a few hourly jobs fact-checking, researching and editing from home, which would clear up time to write.

Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

Marnie Gallowy! The Internets told me that last week—eight years after you graduated from our ol' alma mater—that you paid off the last of your $48,000 in student loan debt. IS THAT TRUE? Are you a wizard?

To Budget or Not to Budget for a $500 Dinner

Bob! My sister is running the New York Marathon in November so my family is flying in to cheer her on. Make sure you're free that weekend!

In Support of Credit Card Points, With Caveats

I would never recommend making heavy use of credit if you're coming up lean at the end of every month. But we do have enough that we could pay off last month's credit card bill and pay for this month's spending.

Traveling Without a Plan or a Budget

I'm in Croatia, and it's four in the morning. I have nowhere to sleep. I haven't changed my clothes in five days, which is fine because I don't actually have any other clothes to change into. This is all part of the money saving plan. Don't book places to stay—just meet people. Don't buy clothes—just smell bad.

A Conversation with a Photographer Who Earns $50,000 a Year

Grant: I'm 28, live in Chicago, Ill. My fiancé and I just moved to a neighborhood called Logan Square last weekend. I am a photographer.

Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VIII)

March was rough in places, but we wrangled ourselves back together and fought for good things.