Are Budgets BS? The Experts Weigh In

You don’t need to budget to live within your means.

Tallying Up My New Savings Plan: August Edition

I have $2,169.44 in my savings account. This is the equivalent of a month-and-a-half emergency fund.

Interning in the Summer With My Sister

We spent several minutes on the phone gushing about how happy we were and how great this was going to be, and then I asked my sister where she was planning on staying.

“I thought I’d stay with you!” she said cheerily.

First of May, First of May, Brand-New Budget Starts Today

How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

How do you know when to stop spending? What prevents you from buying everything you want as soon as you see it?

Adjusting My 2015 Budget To Accomodate Freelancer Estimated Taxes

Every month, I need to put 20 percent of my income towards taxes, 20 percent towards debt, and 10 percent towards savings.

New York on $70 a Week

Think about the cost of living where you live. Think about what you actually need, financially, to live on. The bare minimum. Does it sound like $70 a week? Probably not. But I’ve done it three times—in New York City.

Open Thread: Share Your 2015 Budget

As requested, here is an open thread in which you can share your 2015 budgets.

Planning a 2015 Budget: Revised and Updated

When you ask Billfold readers to critique your budget, they critique your budget. With that in mind, here’s a revised and updated 2015 budget, incorporating your suggestions.