How Much The Borrowers Owe Us

We moved in nine months ago, and The Borrowers have already constructed a nice little nest out of some of our stuff. Here’s what we’ve lost in our apartment:

Hot Tips for Your Summer Internship Lifestyle

How to be a little bit of an adult for a little of time.


The cost of a long distance relationship? Considerable.

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My Last Hundred Bucks: A Sad Little Saga of Straphangery

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. What happened to your last hundo, Blair Thornburgh?

Things to Purchase for Young People Entering the Real World

I feel it's incumbent on me—a very nearly recent graduate—to make a list of things that people like me actually need.

Imagery to Capture the Moral Insanity of Modern Financial Services

So Matt Taibbi says the "moral insanity of modern financial services" is best described by the real-life image of a trader swapping day-old sushi for a nudge in the libor rate. I've got some other ideas.

Zen and the Art of DIY Banjo Maintenance

Search Yelp: “music store Montreal.” Do extensive Googling to suss out exactly what a “light” banjo string is. Watch three or four YouTube walkthroughs of dadly-looking guys with nicer banjos than yours restringing them.

Breakfast for Beginners

Lunch and dinner may be left to the whims of fate, but breakfast belongs in the home.