How Thirty-Somethings Do Money (And Life)

For my birthday last year, I was in Vilnius, Lithuania, studying both Fiction and Non-Fiction, and recovering from the shock of quitting my job to take a year off to write full-time. Turning 31 kind of got lost in the shuffle.

Turning 30 was a bigger deal, I guess, but my brother got married across the country right around then and also I was third-trimester pregnant and distracted by the octopus inside of me thrashing around looking for the door. There was some kind of party, maybe? I definitely remember writing “XXX” on the invitation, because that’s too good an opportunity to pass up. Don’t remember much else.

What I’m saying is, I haven’t had time to think about birthdays in a while, to really reflect about what being in my 30s means. I’m here without a plan! What should I have done by now? What should I do next? Help! 

My Last Hundred Bucks: Happy Birthday Little Sister

$10 for a birthday present for my newly 19-year-old sister: a sleeveless shirt with a lovely crocheted skull.

Friday Estimate

Folks, it's been quite a week, and it's time to estimate our weekends.

My Mom Knows Me (Well)

Logan's mom asks her an impossible question.

Happy Birthday From Our Corporation!

The first to wish me a happy birthday was my Optometrist. Love the clipart from the ’90s.


And then the insurance company where I get my renters insurance. The next day they asked me if I wanted life insurance, which, come on.

Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let's check in and see how we did this weekend.

The State of Things: 100 Martinis and Vermont

Mike: Let's talk about our weekend spending. I've already started throwing down some cash today for lunch with a friend who's in town. Tonight I'm going to a birthday party at a martini bar. Apparently they have more than 100 different martini drinks you can get.

Logan: Whhhhhaattttt? How will you choose!?!!?

What to Get a Baby for His Birthday

Do babies deserve birthday presents?

Throwing Parties, Going to Parties, Spending Money on Parties

Logan: I feel like we talk about weddings all of the time always, but ha, I would like to talk about them some more.

Friday Estimation

What are your estimations?

Monday Check-in: Blind Spending

It was a blind spending weekend.

Can I Borrow Some Money to Buy You a Present?

Logan: I'm trying to decide whether to ask you, the birthday boy, to ... lend me money to pay for your birthday dinner, or to ask one of the other participants — who I don't know as well — to lend me money to pay for your dinner. Mike: Does that mean you're asking me right now?