Throwing Parties, Going to Parties, Spending Money on Parties

Logan: I feel like we talk about weddings all of the time always, but ha, I would like to talk about them some more.

Friday Estimation

What are your estimations?

Monday Check-in: Blind Spending

It was a blind spending weekend.

Can I Borrow Some Money to Buy You a Present?

Logan: I'm trying to decide whether to ask you, the birthday boy, to ... lend me money to pay for your birthday dinner, or to ask one of the other participants — who I don't know as well — to lend me money to pay for your dinner. Mike: Does that mean you're asking me right now?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Happy Birthday Little Sister

$10 for a birthday present for my newly 19-year-old sister: a sleeveless shirt with a lovely crocheted skull.

Friday Estimate

Folks, it's been quite a week, and it's time to estimate our weekends.

My Mom Knows Me (Well)

Logan's mom asks her an impossible question.

Happy Birthday! Love, Your Favorite Corporation

You know who never forgets my birthday? All the big businesses who have my personal data stored in their vaults, or clouds, or whatever.

Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let's check in and see how we did this weekend.

The State of Things: 100 Martinis and Vermont

Mike: Let's talk about our weekend spending. I've already started throwing down some cash today for lunch with a friend who's in town. Tonight I'm going to a birthday party at a martini bar. Apparently they have more than 100 different martini drinks you can get.

Logan: Whhhhhaattttt? How will you choose!?!!?

What to Get a Baby for His Birthday

Do babies deserve birthday presents?