Divestment Thing Catching On Maybe Planet Might Be Okay Afterall

Bill McKibben’s divestment project—which is aiming to get city governments and universities to divest their pension funds from fossil fuel companies—is gaining some traction. They’re now up to 10 cities that have pledged to pursue divestment, plus four institutes of higher ed. The goal is to get the largest pension funds in the country to divest. You can see if there is a campaign in your city or school here. (You can also divest your own investments but that’s basically meaningless unless you have ONE ZILLION DOLLARS. Better to work for a campaign. More here.)

The ten cities: Seattle, Wash. Madison, Wis., Bayfield, Wis, Ithaca, N.Y., Boulder, Co., Rochester, Minn., Eugene, Ore., Richmond, Calif., Berkeley, Calif., and San Francisco, Calif.

The four colleges: Unity, Hampshire, Sterling, and College of the Atlantic

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