Why Don’t American Women Bike To Work?

Do you bike to work? Back when I regularly went to an office, I walked the two miles every morning. I was also a Xootr Commuter for a while (this means I rode a kick scooter while simultaneously being an adult wearing an Ann Taylor Loft sheath dress), but quickly went back to walking.

Everything You Want to Know About Biking: Part One

Alex Baca and Rebecca Rindler both bike (sometimes together) and also think about money. Biking for transportation is a key intersection of those topics. In this series, we'll talk about the quantifiable and less-quantifiable parts of bike commuting.

Some Costs Associated With Volunteering for Chicago’s Annual ‘Bike the Drive’ Event

Volunteering is something I firmly support and have structured some of my field of study around, especially when it comes to figuring out how to engage people in my age bracket with their Instagramming and networking and fast-paced outcome-oriented outlook (I'm only being a little facetious). Each Memorial Day weekend, Chicago's Active Transportation Alliance puts on a huge fundraiser for the organization and summer kickoff, Bike the Drive.

How I Ruined $60.98 in Tights So Far This Year

I was leading a dog through some tunnels on a hiking trip, when her leash wrapped around a stalagmite, causing me to pitch forward, catching my tights on the zipper of my small purse.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

Bec: Alex, hello! In the first part of this series, we talked about what we spent to get started biking. Then we asked people what else they wanted to talk about, and those questions and comments centered around comfort and safety. So let's talk about those today.

How Do You Measure a Career?

HOW SHALL WE MEASURE LANCE ARMSTRONG’S CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY? (Hot topic.) Bike things? Cancer things? Legal things? Number of famous girlfriends had? Advertising Age does it by which ad campaigns he’s appeared in, which: Typical. I think the number of cameos you’ve made in major motion pictures is a pretty good indicator of success, in which case: Get with it, Armstrong. You’ve got a ways to go.