In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

This week, I saw a sign listing apartments for rent and the unit prices, and I realized that I could actually afford to live there.

Unfortunate Things I’ve Written In Roommate Application Emails

Jenny An applied for some apartments, but didn't get them. She reviewed old emails to find out why.

How The American Male In Brooklyn Pays Rent

An American male in Brooklyn walks down the street. He receives a phone call from his landlord; he does not pick up. Moments later, as he is listening to the voice message, he grimaces. His companion raises her eyebrows. He continues listening and grimacing, and then he hangs up. The rent checks were all rejected, he says, so I have to go deal with that. They all bounced, that's crazy, she says. No, he says, rejected because my handwriting is illegible. Oh, she says. There is a beat. They keep walking.

Unloading the Piano Weighing Me Down and Not Earning Its Keep

When you live in New York City, even the smallest objects in your apartment need to justify what scarce, high-priced real estate they occupy.

Places I’ve Lived: Great Roommates, Terrible Roommates, And an 86-Year-Old Cassanova

We have all lived in some places. Where have you lived, Laura Yan?

Places Where I Have Lived

We have all lived in some places. These are the places I have lived. Where have you lived?

The Triple-Mint House

I can't stop looking at the photos of this $30 million apartment.

Guy Has Mortgage, Tells All

I like being able to do whatever I want to my place. And feel like I've made a Grown-Up Investment. It's only lousy when I need to fix something and pay for it myself, but that doesn't happen super often.

Fun Fact: Renters Insurance Doubles As Stolen Laptop Insurance

Did you know that if your apartment burns down/gets ransacked/blows up, your landlord's insurance only covers his building, and not any of your stuff?! So that's why you need renters insurance. That and, in case someone dies at your house. Renters insurance covers that, too!