Underemployment, Illustrated; Why Not Take Your Cat To A Restaurant?; & More

“Underemployed” is a beautifully illustrated and painfully sad account of graduating into a recession and trying to get meaningful work.

Amazon Pays Kindle Unlimited Authors $1.33 For Every Book Read

According to data put together by The Digital Reader, writers enrolled in the Kindle Owners Lending Library—a precursor to Kindle Unlimited, where Kindle owners could check out one book per month—earned $2.24 per borrow in June 2014.
On July 18, 2014, Amazon announced Kindle Unlimited. Payouts dropped to $1.81 per either read or borrow (the data is unclear) and continued to drop and fluctuate around this current low point of $1.33 per read.

Chatting About Dash Buttons, Mass-Market Paperbacks, and More

I love the idea of the Dash Button—please let me stick these all over my apartment—but I also feel a little strange about advocating for Amazon Everything.

Paying Taxes on My Amazon Purchases and Clearing My Conscience

Eleven dollars seems an amount worth paying for a guilt-free conscience.

Act Healthy, Get Cash Back?

Is it worth overcoming one’s objections to fitness trackers in the first place, getting the gizmo, hooking it up, letting your health insurance company monitor how many steps you take, and then receiving your reward in the form of a gift card to an evil empire?

The Trouble With Shopping for Swimsuits on Amazon

It’s weird to think about the concept of “trusted brands” as if it were a thing you actually believed in, but when you’re looking at rows and rows of Amazon swimsuit listings, there it is: you see a bunch of retailers you’ve never heard of, alongside digitally altered models who are clearly not wearing the suits that have been photoshopped onto their bodies, and you can’t trust any of it.

Supreme Court Rules Amazon Warehouse Staffers Should Not Be Paid for Standing in Security Lines

The Supreme Court just ruled that Amazon warehouse staffers do not have any right to expect payment for the time they must spend in security screening lines before leaving their jobs.

Amazon vs Target, and How “Transparent” Changes Things

I’m hooked. What do my ethics and I do now?

How Do Our Brains Change When We Can Buy Anything We Want With One Click?

Amazon Isn’t Spending Less Than It Earns, Either